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Mike D Takes a KBP Win

Q-Ball Billiards
10150-1 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville, Florida 32246

The first event in several years for KBP in Jacksonville, Florida was a success. We had a small field but it was a great day. Many players came in a little later to watch and see how the action was. We were lucky enough to have two females play in the event, Jessica Barnes and Sarah Croft. Looking forward to seeing them the next time we are in town, which Q-Ball will be hosting other KBP events in the near future.

The format for this event was race to 7 on both sides and the first round went smooth. Jessica Barnes took her first match against Savann Keo 7-2, while Sarah Croft lost her first match to Walter Blacker 7-0. Jacksonville player Chris Phillips did a really good showing at this event as he put Matthew Grace (7-2) and Barnes(7-2) to the one loss side. Romeo Brown has a little bit of a struggle his first round as he put Kevin Chim in the one loss side 7-5. Elvis Rodriguez and Casey Grove went hill hill on their match but Casey went forward on the winners side. Ocala player Bob Albert was sent to the losers bracket by Scott Ruttinger from Jacksonville 7-3 and Bryan Toman took his first round (7-5) against Charles Marble. 

Brown dominated the bottom half of the bracket and Mike DeLawder (Mike D) took on the top half of the bracket. Mike D went through his half of the bracket sending Jason Bowen, Blacker, and Phillips to the one loss side. After Brown’s win with Chim he also sent Grove and Rutttenger to the one loss side. Brown and Mike D met up for the hot seat match. 

While Brown and Mike D was working the right side of the bracket, the one loss side had its favorites too, but the only player that went all the way through the losers side was Elvis Rodriguez. Rodriguez had several hill-hill matches as he struggled along trying to get back to play in the finals. Rodriguez placed Scott Ruttinger in 4th place and went on to wait for the hot seat match to see who he’s opponent would be for a chance at the finales. 

The hot seat match was just as exciting as the other matches had been all day as Mike D and Brown went head to head. The match scores was like watching a tennis match going back and forth but it was Mike D that got ahead of the game and it seemed that Brown was lagging a little. Mike D sent Brown to the one loss side with a score of 7-5 to match up with Rodriguez to see who would come back and fact him for the finales.

Brown and Rodriguez set out playing their match to see who would face Mike D in the finals. Brown wanted to get back and face the only opponent that had send him to the one loss side and Rodirguez wanted the chance to face Mike D. The match finally ended with Romeo getting ahead with a score of 7-5 leaving Rodriguez in third place.

The final show down was Mike D and Brown had everyone attention. The players are both great players and showed their skills on the table as they fought hard against each other. The score flipped back and forth but it was Mike D who got the final game and left Brown in 2nd place while he reigned over the event.

Final Results


Mike DeLawder


Romeo Brown


Elvis Rodriguez


Scott Ruttinger

5th /6th

Casey Grove

Chris Phillips

I’d like to take this time to thank all the players, sponsors and friends that sent condolences to me and my family for my mother’s passing. I really appreciate it. I went to the event in Jacksonville this weekend and was really impressed by all the people that were glad to see me and said that I was missed on the tour. I will be around more and be promoting more now and we hope to rebuild the tour. I know my absence has caused some numbers to decrease due to not being able to really work on the tour. I do not regret my decision to take time out to take care of my mom and would do it again. I do want the players to know that I am back and will be working hard to make the tour better. Thank you for your support and concern for me and my family.