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Mike D Takes Another KBP Win

The fourth event of the season for KBP at Q-Ball in Jacksonville, Florida, rated by Billiard Digest in their November 2008 issue as one of the top 10 new billiard rooms was another success. We had a small field and they all love the 9í Brunswick tables that are set up in the room. We had two female players in the event, Jessica Barnes and Patti Mitchell who both held up pretty good against the men. The event started off with a welcome back for me to running events myself and excited to be there. 

The format for this event was race to 7 on both sides and with several new players on the scene it seemed to be going to be an interesting day. The first rounds the first round went smooth. As Luke Collins, Tim Daniel, Jessica Barnes, Brad , Romeo Brown, and Mike DeLawder took their first matches. Eric Charlton and Pattie Mitchell were lucky enough to get byes for their first rounds and got a chance to check out the competition. Barnes found out how much Charlton had learned about her when he put her over to the west side with a score of 7-2, but she was not one to take a step back and give up and spent her time sending EJ Floyd 7-6 and Walter Blacker 7-4 out of the event till she met up with Brown who left her in 6th place on a 7-3 score. Patti Mitchell starting off with a bye had to face off with DeLawder, whom had won the last tournament that KBP had had at Q-Ball. DeLawder had to work hard once he figured out that Pattie had a good handle on the banks he was leaving her with. DeLawder finally took the match up with a 7-6 score sending P. Mitchell to face off with her hubby Bill Mitchell. Both Mitchellís didnít deter from playing a good match but it was Bill who put his wife out of the event with a 7-5 score. Wonder how that went on the ride home?

The next player to watch was , of course, Tim Daniel who had been away from the touring and playing as much as I had been. Daniel was busy taking care of the top half of the bracket sending Charlton, and Luke Collins to the one loss side. In the hot seat match DeLawder and Daniel faced off to see who would be King of the Hill. The games went back and forth a few time but it was Daniel who got ahead in the score and sent Delawder to the one loss side to face Charlton. This match was going to be interesting with both these players having been put on the west side of the bracket by Daniel and now wanting to get back to see who might could take Daniel down in the finals. 

Out of the four who was favored in this event, Daniel, Brown, DeLawder, Charlton no one knew for sure which way it was going till toward the end. DeLawder was determined and Charlton make some really good shots that kept us watching to see what was up but as Charlton seemed to run a little low on steam DeLawder got his second wind and jumped ahead in the match and kept it going Charlton was left in third place but said that he had a great time and looking forward to next time. 

Now DeLawder and Daniel face off again with a race to 9 final match. These two players seemed to be matched up pretty good during most of the game but with DeLawder getting his second wind he jumped ahead in the match and kept the lead till he left Daniel in 2nd place and took first for the second time at Q-Ball. 

1stóMike DeLawder- $410
2nd ---Tim Daniel- $210
3rd ---Eric Charlton- $100
4th ---Romeo Brown- $40

Next event is on April 19, 2009 at TJís Billiards, 5431 Hwy 19, New Port Richey, Fl